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  • webslides-quiet-waters-750px-wm

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  • Cloud Sandwich
  • The forest was walking on water
  • Playtime on the snowy banks

About the Paintings

I currently have a marketable inventory of acrylic paintings and coloured pencil and ink work, some of which is already framed. You can e-mail me to discover the cost of any individual work.

I work from 8 x 10 inch prints mainly from photographs I have taken during my travels. Although I have used photos taken by others, normally I have experienced the warmth of the sun on a log or the murmuring of a creek as it slowly unthaws. I try to create an accurate scale of what I am seeing while still retaining some artistic licence in colour and composition.

6---drifted-logs-2004---kn opt1 wm          a-day-in-the-life-006 opt1 wm         20--stanley-glacier-trail--2004--kn opt1 wm