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  • Cloud Sandwich
  • The forest was walking on water
  • Playtime on the snowy banks

About the Paintings

I currently have a marketable inventory of acrylic paintings which are either framed or gallery wrapped. You can e-mail me to discover the cost of any individual work.

I work from 8 x 10 inch prints mainly from photographs I have taken during my travels. Although I have used photos taken by others, as an example commissioned work, normally I have experienced the warmth of the sun on a log or the murmuring of a creek as it slowly unthaws. I try to create an accurate scale of what I am seeing while still retaining some artistic licence in colour and composition.

I am guided by my desire to recreate, with few exceptions, what I see in my photo reference(s). If a subject reveals a certain magnitude of beauty and distinction, I will use whatever techniques I must that result in an accurate depiction of the reference. Although I will begin with one and two inch brushes to build in larger swatches of colour as may be present, I will switch to smaller brushes to begin the process of adding detail and finally will use 10/0 and 18/0 brushes to finish the painting. The use of these brushes plus the fact that I further hydrate my fluid acrylics, enable me to minimize the presence of brush strokes and give my paintings a softer tone that is recognizable. The layering of colour with small brushes as well as the suitable application of light and shadow enables me to add depth to my paintings. I will also use a variety of tools to get the effects I'm looking for. I may use scrunched up newspaper, sponges, and even wooden skewers to provide detailed texture or for the leaves of middle distance deciduous trees. If one were to undertake a forensic examination of some of the utensils in the house they might find the evidence of acrylic residue. I also have a compressor and an airbrush which might be employed in order to achieve a specific tonal gradient such as the gradual blending of the ocean from the foreground to the horizon. So the end justifies the techniques that are applied. In minimal instances, the end may include changes that I have determined will result in a brighter, or more sombre, or better composed painting. In my mind, the changes will result in a more natural setting given how cameras don’t always reflect what the eye sees.

6---drifted-logs-2004---kn opt1 wm          a-day-in-the-life-006 opt1 wm         20--stanley-glacier-trail--2004--kn opt1 wm