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Commissioned Paintings

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Although I had a second career, over the course of that time, I undertook commissioned paintings in order to maintain my skills and to keep a presence in the art world. I value the opportunity to create a painting that reflects the end results desired by the client. My work is photorealistic however I believe that I still offer enough self-interpretation that one still sees a painting. For a landscape, I take the time to research the geography of the area, the type of trees and vegetation that are common to the region and the type of detail exhibited in the leaf structure or foliage. This work enables me to grasp a feeling for the area that may or may not be reflected in the reference photo.

My draft sketch is also a careful scale representation of the subject based on the dimensions of the support. Research and sketching may take me two weeks or more until I’m satisfied that I’m now ready to begin painting. At this point, I will consult with the client to ensure that I have captured the subject as intended. I also ask for 30% of the total agreed price (non-refundable) up front, to cover the cost of materials and the time committed to research. A month in, I will again consult with the client for feedback and, contrary to a view that an artist is tied to their personal creative impulse, I do respond constructively to feedback. Time to completion varies but, as an example, a 30” x 40” acrylic painting normally takes me two and a half to three months to complete. Payment in full is contingent on the complete satisfaction of the client. If this is not the case, I keep the painting and I will retain the 30% to cover costs.