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About the Artist

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                                      Artist Statement

I create wilderness art that invites you to experience the same thoughts and feelings that prompt me to paint. I would like you to wonder what's around the bend in a path or over the next hill.

I paint using acrylics on canvas and wood to capture the photorealistic truth of what I see. I use a variety of techniques and styles of composition to achieve the desired results and normally build fine layers of paint until I have accomplished my objectives.

I create representational work that is photo-derived but with as many changes that reflect what I want to present to the viewer. Along the way, I have studied and been influenced by Coleville and Bateman and some of the great Russian landscape artists Shishkin and Levitan. My approach of creating very detailed, photorealistic work gives me the satisfaction of crafting something unique.

With few exceptions, I have stood on the sites of my paintings and felt the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the deep shade. I endeavour to enable you to feel the same things from my paintings .........to wrap you up in the moment .......to create an experience that you can't forget!



Ken Nash was born and raised in Armstrong in the North Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and has created art for fifty years using a variety of mediums including ink, coloured pencil and acrylics on paper, wood and canvas. Inspired by the beauty of the valley around him, he started painting when he was eight years old and over time developed the techniques that he applies today. His work can now be descibed in the genre of photorealism and is an excellent conduit to reflect the beauty of the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada, and other parts of the world.

For most of his career, he focused on commissioned work and continues to provide clients with an opportunity to have his beautiful art hanging on their walls. As an example, in the past few years, Ken has completed a number of commissions for both corporate entities and private individuals.

He also has exhibited (and is exhibiting) his work throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, other parts of B.C. and Alberta, and is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). He recently completed an exhibition of his work in Armstrong entitled appropriately " Coming Home ". Ken is also a featured artist for a group called Westart which will put on three shows in 2018 with partial sales going to separate charities. Please check out www.westart.ca for a list of featured artists and the specific dates of the shows. He is also one of thirty artists who will have their works digitized and adapted to wrap utiliy boxes in Richmond and Steveston through 2019.

Ken became a signature member of the Artists for Conservation in 2016, (see www.artistsforconservation.org) . Although his landscape paintings (as they relate to the pristine habitats that need to be conserved), are consistent with the mandate of the world-wide group, he has recently begun to paint wildlife in his unique style for further integration with the theme. On the conservation theme, Ken agreed to donate a painting to a show this past fall at Science World in Vancouver with proceeds going toward endangered amphibians.

Ken is always looking for other venues to showcase his work and as a result, this past summer he had his work on display at the Arta Gallery situated in the beautiful historic Distillery District in Toronto.   His work can now be viewed at the Grant Berg Galleries in Grande Prairie and Kananaskis ( Delta Marriot Hotel) Alberta starting in December 2017.

Ken will also be profiled in the Autumn/Winter edition of the Canadian Art magazine Arabella which will feature an in-depth look into the history of his life as an artist and how his work has evolved and been influenced over time.